Heat Pump / Pool Water Heaters

Swimming in a pool is all about comfort and having fun. Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provides the help needed to create the right environment for swimming year round. Many pools utilise a refrigerated heat pump to heat the water. We specialise servicing, repairing and consulting about these kinds of systems. Find out why so many homeowners have already turned to use to provide the kind of heat they are looking for in their pools.

Better Efficiency for Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provides you with the help you need to get heat in the pool for more fun. Whether you are looking to have a heat pump installed or you need help in maintaining the pump you already have, we can help. We will analyse the exact system that will work for your pool and if you do not have it, we can help you to replace it. If you already have the right system, we can make sure that it is working properly at all times.

Because we specialise in pool water heaters, we can make sure you are getting the help you need to save money on yours. With our help, your system will run more efficiently and will require less money to operate properly. Discover how your system can operate more efficiently with our help today.

Maintaining Your System

In order to make sure we are maintaining your system properly, we will provide you with the help you need to put together a custom maintenance program. Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has specialists on staff that comes to your home and maintains your pool for proper service year-round. Call us today for the best in SALES, SERVICE, MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS on 0431 213 020.