Process Cooling

Maintaining the environments in industrial areas means maintaining the equipment that is used in manufacturing as well. This is possible when you are using systems that involve process cooling. At Airfix, we specialise in systems that cool using chilled water for machinery and to chill products during the manufacture process. With our help, you will experience fewer problems in your process cooling/chillers systems.

Cooling Made Affordable with Process Cooling

Airfix understand that process cooling is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways you can cool machinery and products during the manufacture process. We specialise in providing the maintenance and repairs you need in order to maintain the usefulness of these products even longer. We can help you to avoid future repair costs by maintaining the effective usage of the products that you are using now.

Because we specialise in working on these kinds of systems, you will be assured that the maintenance program that we create for you will provide you with the best possible service. Let us design a maintenance service that will help you to save even more money while you are using these process-cooling systems to operate your industrial company.

Beyond Maintenance and Repairs

When you are calling on us at Airfix, you will be able to get so much more than just maintenance and repairs for your process cooling equipment. We will also be able to provide you with the consultation you will need to assure you that your system is working properly to provide you with all of the cooling power you will need for how you will use it. Whether using chilled water or chillers, we can provide you the help you need to have the right system. Call us today for a consultation on 043 121 3020.