Maintaining the conditions in a mining environment can be difficult. With temperatures that can range from low to over 45 degrees Celsius, it is a challenge. Airfix has been able to provide air control for the Beverley Uranium Mine in the Northeast of the state near Arkoola since 2004. We have been able to provide the assistance needed for air conditioning and refrigeration services in the mine to effectively maintain comfort and healthy working conditions.

Mining Air Conditioning Systems

Airfix provides the service and repairs needed for maintaining high ambient systems. We can maintain the capacity of the system even in these kinds of extreme systems. We understand what to look for in the systems to maintain them properly so that problems can be averted. This helps to reduce downtime for the system as well as maintaining the efficiency of the system overall.

Our specialists will consult with you about the system you are using and how effective it is to provide the environment you are looking for in a mine. We can install the systems you need as well as helping to maintain the systems efficiently. By using effective maintenance, you will be able to keep your system running properly even longer.

Lower Costs

When you are using Airfix to help with the systems used in your mining areas, you will be able to run more efficient systems overall. This will help you to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of your systems. You will encounter fewer problems requiring repairs because our technicians can provide you with the maintenance schedule that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to receive a consultation about your needs. You can reach us today to schedule your consultation for maintaining your mine environmental and refrigeration systems when you call us on 043 121 3020.