Industrial Sites

Maintaining the air conditions at industrial sites is difficult because of the rather large refrigeration & air conditioning systems that have to be used. These systems utilise a lot of energy and are prone to breaking down if not properly maintained at all times. These kinds of sites include factories and processing plants in which there is a lot of ambient heat and can create a huge strain on the air conditioning systems to keep up. Airfix specialises in installing, maintaining and repairing these systems to maintain the conditions.

Tailored Maintenance Services for Industrial Sites

Airfix will consult with you about the particular needs of your industrial site. We will get a feel for exactly what it is your company needs so you will be able to get the exact system you need to maintain the environment. We will also develop the maintenance scheme that will make the most sense to maintain your systems and to prevent breakdowns.

Using our maintenance services will also help to make sure that your systems are running more efficiently. This will allow you to save money on the running costs of your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We specialise in making sure that these systems are operating properly at all times.

Specialising in Service

Contact us at Airfix today to get the consultation you need for your industrial sites. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of what we feel is best for your site and a plan to help you maintain your system. We will provide this maintenance service along with any repairs that are needed so you will be able to trust your system to work properly at all times. We look forward to hearing from you whenever you call us for a consultation on 043 121 3020.