Domestic Air Conditioning Adelaide

Are you a homeowner?  Are you in search of the proper refrigeration and air conditioning for your home?  Airfix Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning is a company worthy of your time and interest.  The recent development of a process called ‘evaporative cooling’ has proven to have a large effect on saving money, which alone is an excellent reason to put us into consideration.

Commercial Air Conditioning Adelaide: Airfix really cares

Airfix has made it a standing focal point to focus on what matters most, our customers.  We offer free consultations to give you a firm explanation as to what is best for the target home and why.  Airfix doesn’t focus their energy on trying to sell you our expensive model; we focus on the model that is going to save you the most money.

  • A contract with Airfix means solid professional work in a reasonable time frame
  • Honest information and explanation to keep the client informed from start to finish
  • Airfix offers to repair and maintain these units all throughout the summer months when you need the work done most
  • Airfix will put together a maintenance plan to maximize your use of the machine we install

While several contractors will look to land that first major purchase from you, Airfix focuses its energy on securing you as a customer by providing an amazing service from start to finish.

Airfix wants to hear from you

With a minimum amount of time and a phone call you can see exactly what Airfix can do for you.  We will give you honest advice and give professional support from the start of a job, until a year down the line when you have a question about how to properly maintain the system keeping your family comfortable.  We care about a relationship with you. Invest into someone who wants you to be comfortable.

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