Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Many commercial properties rely on refrigeration and air conditioning to maintain the proper conditions. Airfix Commercial understands the systems used to provide superior cooling for all your commercial needs. We can provide you with the help you need to maximise the usefulness of your system while also providing you with the sales you need if you are looking to buy a new system. We offer consultation, maintenance, repairs and installation on all systems.

Keep It Cool with Proper Refrigeration

Airfix Commercial can develop a maintenance program specific to the needs of your refrigeration needs. We can provide you with the help you need to maintain your:

–          Coolroom/cold room (2? C)

–          Freezer Rooms (-20 ? C)

–          Display Cabinets

–          Underbench Cabinets

–          Customer Built Systems (coolroom/freezer)

–          Food Storage Cabinets

–          Environmental Cabinets

–          Cooling Water Chillers

–          Heat Pump Hot Water Units

–          Process Cooling Systems

Beat Summer Heat with Air Conditioning

Airfix understand that you will have a high traffic building and air conditioning can be a challenge. We provide maintenance schedules to provide air conditioning for:

–          Commercial Evaporative Air Conditioning System

–          Commercial Package Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle Refrigerated Systems

–          Commercial Split Ducted Reverse Cycle System

–          Ventilation

–          Customer Application

–          Inverter Systems

–          Standard Systems

–          Digital Scroll Technology

Maintaining Your Systems

Whether you need maintenance for either or both refrigeration & air conditioning, Airfix Commercial has what you need. We can provide you with the tailor made maintenance program you need to provide the consistent operation of your systems even in high traffic areas and where refrigeration is at a premium. Call today for sales, services maintenance & repairs. We look forward to providing you with fewer breakdowns and minimal running costs. Phone us on 043 121 3020.