Mechanical Services

When you have a commercial property, maintaining the commercial systems becomes a high priority. Airfix Commercial provides you with the help you are looking for to advise you and provide the mechanical ventilations and associated services needed to meet the Australian Standards for building design. We offer consultations to help in making sure you are receiving the services you need in these areas.

Associated Services for Mechanical Services

Airfix Commercial provides you with the help you need for Kitchens and Amenities. This includes such services as exhaust systems to remove smoke, grease and excess moisture from a cooking area. Also included in the area of Kitchen and Amenities is our Emergency Fire Shut Down systems. These provide immediate fire suppression should a grease fire or worse ever break out in these areas.

Our Fire System Checks include a look into your heater banks in your air conditioning systems. These are conducted in respect to the Minister Specifications SA76. We also perform checks on your smoke spill fans and controls to make sure that your fire system will operate properly whenever you need it to.

Airfix Commercial specialises in providing the niche service required for high ride buildings. We recognise that there are several mechanical services associated with the multiple floors utilising lifts, common air conditioning systems and just the ventilation for the floors themselves. We provide mechanical services, repairs and installations as needed.

Maintenance Programs for Mechanical Services

Tailor made maintenance services for commercial sites are essential with the high customer traffic you are likely to see. Airfix Commercial specialises in the maintenance programs needed to minimise breakdowns and running costs. We even offer sales, services and repairs for everything you need to maintain your system properly. Call us today to get started with your consultation on 043 121 3020.