Ice Machine

There are several commercial properties utilising ice machines on a regular basis. Airfix Commercial provides the help needed to maintain the ice machines in operational condition for all commercial properties. Whether you are a sport training facility using ice for helping individuals, a service bar using ice for drinks or a restaurant using ice for cooking and food storage, you simply need for your ice machine to work properly.

Ice Machine Maintenance

Airfix Commercial provides you with the help you need to maintain your ice machine and maintain its sanitary production of ice. We specialise in working on all makes and models of ice machines. We even provide sell the different brands that we service and maintain so you can get the amount of ice you need for your establishment.

When maintaining your system, we will make sure that the system is cooling properly and that all of the lines are connected properly. We will also make sure that the fans and filters are clean and working properly so you are getting fast, efficient and clean ice production. This way, you will have all of the clean ice you will need whenever you will need it.

Reducing Breakdowns in Ice Machines

We recommend starting a maintenance program for your ice machine. Airfix Commercial provides the help you need to Taylor make the maintenance program you need for your particular model of ice machine. We help to lower your running costs while making sure that your machine will remain in operation more often than not. We offer not just maintenance, but service and repairs on every make and model of ice machine on the market today. We can create a maintenance program to suit your needs today. Call us to get started today on 043 121 3020.