Heating Hot Water Systems

Heating the water in homes is being handled in a whole new way. Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provides you with the help you need to maintain the heating hot water systems you may have in your home. We specialise in the refrigerated units used to heat the water of the hot water system. It is just part of the services that we offer for homes and businesses alike. We offer sales, service, maintenance & repairs on a variety of different systems and provide expert client relations.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning helps homeowners to maintain the heat pump hot water systems that are becoming more common all of the time. These systems operate on the same principles as the refrigerator only in reverse. The water is heated by removing the chill from the water based on the principles of expansion and contraction. The systems that operate in this manner require constant maintenance and repairs from qualified professionals.

Our team of maintenance and repair professionals provides everything you need to keep more hot water in your home. We will evaluate your system to make sure it is sufficient to handle the needs of your home and those living in it and will offer you advice to help it operate more efficiently.

Repairs and Maintenance on Heating Hot Water Systems

Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is your solution for repairs and maintenance on your heating hot water systems. We provide a customised approach to maintenance to avoid repairs and provide the best expertise in repairs to make sure you will go longer without a problem. We will gladly consult you on your system today. Just call to schedule an appointment with a member of our friendly staff on 0431 213 020.