Machinery can get very hot when manufacturing goods. It is the reason why process cooling is used. Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning specialises in providing the best in sales, service, maintenance & repairs for chillers and process cooling mechanisms. We are a full service operation providing the best in cooling products for environmental and manufacturing products. We can provide you with the most effective system for keeping your machinery from overheating.

Keep It Cool with Chillers

Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provides the help you need to make sure that all of your manufacturing equipment is keeping cool. We can install, repair and replace chillers so that they are keeping your machinery cool even when working hard. No matter what the size of the machine is, we can provide you with the help you need to maintain it properly.

Our professionals have the training and the expertise to know exactly what you need for your machinery. We can evaluate what is in place for what kind of work you are doing and provide you with upgrades or maintenance so it will be able to continue working properly. Let our service staff look over your system today to create a custom maintenance program.

Customised Maintenance Program

Because chilled water cooled machinery generally operate routinely, it is necessary to have a maintenance program that can keep up. At Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we provide the customised maintenance program that is designed to help keep your machinery working properly. We will make sure that everything is receiving the maximum effectiveness from these chillers. With our help, not only will the machinery be cooled properly, but we will be able to help with making sure that it runs more efficiently. Call us today to schedule your appointment for service and maintenance on 0431 213 020.