Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Adelaide

Are you in need of a commercial refrigeration and air conditioning provider?  Do you own a home and are looking for a way to cost-efficiently keep it comfortable and cool?  At Airfix Commercial, we make it our personal goal to take care of all your commercial and residential needs.  With the known heat of the Australia climate, Airfix has specialised its products and services to combat these conditions.  With 13 years of professional services to back our name, Airfix comes with a reputation that has been built year after year of rewarding and efficient service.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Airfix has been in the art and design of providing a cool atmosphere for a long time.  Companies thrive on having a comfortable atmosphere and it is essential to provide one to get the best from your workers.  Airfix makes it their personal responsibility to provide such a service.  We offer the following as solutions to your air conditioning needs:

  • Commercial evaporative systems
  • Commercial package air conditioner reverse cycle refrigerated systems
  • Commercial split ducted reverse cycle system
  • Ventilation
  • Customer application
  • Inverter systems
  • Standard systems
  • Digital scroll technology

We have a list of variations going from simple designs to more complex versions – offering a vast selection to potential clients.  Along with the option of several designs of systems we also hand tailor a design as to how to properly maintain our units for maximum efficiency.  This allows clients to get the most for their money by taking care of what you invest in with the advice of trained professionals.

Contact Airfix

With a phone call you will receive professional guidance from start to finish.  Airfix offers reasonable quotes, exceptional service, and makes customers a number one priority.  Airfix has several options to offer clients in all fields of operation, so ask today to find out what can be best for you tomorrow.

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